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Uncover what you really want: For all sorts of reasons, many of us are not really sure what we want to do in life. Maybe we havenít found our true strengths and talents yet. Maybe early on our true desires were obscured by outer demands and we lost touch with them. Whatever the reason, Iím here to help you uncover your gifts and deepest longings and to find practical ways to bring them to fruition. Itís been my privilege to facilitate clients in the discovery of what will bring them the greatest joy. I honour your uniqueness and invite you to explore what might be ideal for you and your life.

Accelerate progress without strain: Knowing what you want and how to get there is a great start but many people find the going tough, with heavy personal costs, working long hours, sacrificing leisure, family life and so on. Usually, too, obstructions and frustrations arise on the way, sometimes blocking progress completely.  In my coaching, I emphasise quality of life, and I will help you achieve your goals without strain, so you can enjoy each day of the journey. I provide my clients with cutting edge tools so they can deal with or dismantle any obstacles and make the most effective progress with the least stress. I also help my clients to uncover all their strengths and latent talents and to use them to maximum effect.

Hassled by too many demands? In modern life, almost all of us have too much to do and things keep getting more complicated. Itís not always easy to sift out what is really important for us from all the energy-draining secondary matters. As your coach, I will help you clarify what you really want and need to do and to achieve it in style. I will also keep an eye on the bigger picture of your life, your goals and your progress. I will recognise where you or your circumstances have altered and help you foresee problematic possibilities and resolve them even before they arise.

Find peace whatever your life situation: The most provocative life situations challenge us to be the very best we can be. While aggravating circumstances may sometimes be inevitable, stress and misery certainly arenít. The human spirit can rise above any problem or crisis and coaching makes it much easier. Coaching provides wonderful tools for thriving in difficulty, as well as giving unconditional support, perspective and clear guidance for action. I promise to help you achieve balance and grace no matter what.

Make a living doing the work you love:  Many people yearn to follow a vocation but canít see how to support themselves while they do it. The magic of coaching is that it enables people to move forward where they feel most stuck! Donít let financial restrictions stand between you and your dreams Ė give me a call.

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