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Sensitivity- the gift & challenge

How sensitive are you?

Top 10 tips


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Top Ten Tips for

Sensitive People

  1. Respect and nurture yourself remember you are sensitive, NOT weak!
  2. Protect your feelings develop boundaries, limit risks.
  3. Appreciate your gifts intuition and creativity grow with use.
  4. Manage change smaller steps are preferable.
  5. Avoid over-stimulation not too many activities or people.
  6. Practise meditation daily for best results.
  7. Heal old pain - to lighten the load on your nervous system.
  8. Develop your spirituality explore and go deeper.
  9. Protect your sleep time to settle, soothing activity in evening.
  10. Simplify and organise untidiness and disorder over-stimulate.

Linda Markley specialises in coaching sensitive people to make the most of their gifts and thrive in the modern world.



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