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Sensitivity- the gift & challenge

How sensitive are you?

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How sensitive are you? 

  • Are you aware of your feelings?
  • Are your feelings easily bruised?
  • Do you have a vivid imagination?
  • Do good ideas come easily to you?
  • Do you need time alone?
  • Are you attracted to the deeper things, spirituality, self-development, philosophy etc.?
  • Do you feel bothered if there’s a lot going on?
  • Are you a quiet sort of person?
  • Does noise bother you more than others?
  • Are you easily touched by other’s experience, stories of kindness, courage etc.
  • Have you been moved to tears by beauty, in nature, art or music?
  • Do you tend towards shyness?
  • Do others tell you you’re ‘too sensitive’?
  • Do you feel somehow different from others? (maybe even flawed in some way?)
  • Do you easily read others’ moods and feelings?
  • Do you easily sense the energies of places or situations?

Tests can only provide a guide. The more of these questions you answered yes to, the more sensitive you are likely to be. Eight or more and you are probably highly sensitive.

Linda Markley specialises in coaching sensitive people to make the most of their gifts and thrive in the modern world.



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