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Are you selling yourself short?

The answer is yes if you arenít experiencing fulfilment, joy and inner peace on a regular basis. Itís also yes if thereís anywhere you feel Ďstuckí or if thereís anything in your life, which, if changed, would bring you great benefits. See, I know there is a way of life that would bring you the above blessings.  I also know that you can achieve it. It may take a while and there may be a cost, but in my experience itís often far easier than we expect Ė and itís certainly more rewarding.

Often people deprive themselves because they donít realise that great gifts are within their reach. Some just donít know what they want and spend all their time avoiding the things they donít want. Others begin to doubt they could ever get to do anything of real personal value to them - so they stop trying.

Does it seem selfish to seek a more fulfilling life? Many people sell themselves short with the best of intentions by putting aside their own dreams for the sake of a higher good. Actually, our heartfelt desires point the way to our greatest service in the world. We are here to develop and give of our talents. When we do, we know joy and fulfilment. In turn, that fulfilment and joy impact those around us, giving them an inspiring example. Not only that, the world gets the best of what we have to offer. Everyone wins.

Do your dreams seem impossible? Many doubt their dreams are feasible or they question the cost - so they never explore the options. The cost of not listening to and honouring your heart, though, is a nagging sense of some spark being missing, maybe even a chronic sense of dissatisfaction or emptiness.

A journey of self-discovery, choice and creation is in reality what we all here for, even though many of us forget or ignore this. Living such a life is of the utmost value in its own right Ė yet it brings tremendous rewards which, amazingly, grow richer and richer as the journey unfolds. There are many ways to move forward on this journey. The great spiritual traditions exist to facilitate this movement. There are also innumerable self-help aids to development these days. Yet, for very many people, both inside and outside established traditions, the most powerful aid to growth is a personal coach. A good coach can help you identify and work through the most important issues for you quickly and effectively. It is not unusual for people to experience many years worth of unaided growth in a short period of coaching.

The best time to start is now. We have more options than ever before and you will be in the company of others who are daring to discover and live their dreams.

"I found it to be all about me and that was a luxury. I realized I had tried the hard way and was stuck in fear. I realize I had the answers all the time but needed motivation for wanting to even look for them and to be shown a way. I now have focus and direction." Annemaree Sleeth (Meditation Facilitator)



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