Matrix Energetics The science & art of transformation

The 'Matrix' is a universal grid or field of divine, intelligent awareness and information which can be accessed by everyone. Accessing the matrix brings about substantial change in all areas of our lives and all aspects of our being.

Matrix Energetics enables the practitioner and client to access the matrix together and engage playfully with the information and possibilities it contains. When we interact with the matrix in this child like yet sacred way, and let go of the need for something to happen, we relax which makes it easier for miracles to happen.

Most healing modalities address problems or illnesses. To do that effectively, we have to muster more power, skills, energy, resources or magic than the problem or illness and field of beliefs associated with it.

Matrix Energtics avoids the need to overcome or heal anything by seeing everything, including the person, as light and information. Light and information are neutral rather than good or bad. It takes a lot less energy to change them than to fix a 'problem' and associated beliefs. It allows us to 'do without doing', to allow rather than control or direct. We do not need to know why the person has the 'problem', what the problem is or what needs to happen. And we do not need to try to make something happen or change.

Matrix Energetics is thus not a technique. It has been called a consciousness technology. It is like having a new software program on a computer to boot up and use, a way to interact with the world at a level which is far more malleable, and to do so playfully.

What we 'do' is drop our preconceptions and sense of being the 'doer', the one change depends on, drop down into a receptive rather than directive state and playfully explore and interact with whatever attracts our attention. Sometimes, we are drawn to a particular part of a person's body or energy field. Then we might get an image or question.

Asking powerful questions, like 'How is this useful?', 'What am I not noticing?' often leads to further explorations. Occasionally, what appears to happen in a matrix session makes some sense, logical or otherwise, to the client, but it does not have to for profound change to occur. Indeed, when we do not realise that what we are playing with is somehow enabling a serious issue to resolve, it is a lot easier for us to get out of the way, follow where we are led and allow miracles to unfold.

At other times, we feel to actually form a connection between something we can easily change and other things, such as money, relationship or health issues. We may, for example, represent a condition by a simple triangle and rotate the triangle until the pain is gone.

" Do, or do not. There is no try.” Yoda

Some people have a blissful experience of the matrix and may melt or levitate down to a chair or the floor in a rapture which enables deep change. Other people's experience is more subtle and yet the results are just as profound.

Matrix Energetics has been successfully used for other purposes too, such as the clearing of pollution from a lake. It is based on the findings of quantum physics and involves taking a measurement in order to collapse the wave of possibility. This also allows us to check and know, at the quantum level, that change has taken place, without waiting for results to show up in our lives.

We do not need to understand quantum physics in order to utilise or live those findings. Matrix Energetics is also delightfully simple and intuitive. It enables us to ask better questions and keep out of the way while miraculous answers appear.

A Matrix Energetics session can be in person or by phone. At an in person session, the practitioner may put their hands lightly on you. On a phone session, the practitioner may use themselves, a doll, holographic image or other object as surrogate. Since we are mostly water and water is easy to change, a bottle of water makes a good surrogate. Since practitioner and client are entangled at the quantum level, working by phone is just as effective, especially if you stay present and relaxed, noticing whatever you notice, just as you would during an in person session.

Each session is a series of explorations, which can start with a particular focus or simply by seeing what draws the practitioners attention. Practitioners follow wherever we are led. That may involve archetypes, time travel, different dimensions, frequencies, other healing modalities or skills, or something entirely new. At times, this will happen in silence. At other times, either the practitioner or client will mention something they notice, or the client, who is in charge of the exploration, may change the direction of the session.

Because the change happens at the unconscious level, we do not need to know what is changing, let alone how it is happening. This allows things to change that we are not consciously aware of or can not put into words. Hence, in addition to resolving problems, we can prevent them, enhance what is already good and bring what we want into our lives.

Profound and substantial changes can be initiated in a short matrix session. Sometimes, the results show up at once. Other times, they unfold at the most appropriate time or pace for the recipient. Each session is complete in itself, rather than part of a series.

Perhaps most importantly, while Matrix Energetics does not fix anything, it can initiate change that other approaches do not, and do so easily, often enjoyably and, seemingly, magically. Plus it considerably broadens our minds. And its fun.

For more information, visit, read the book 'Matrix Energetics' by Richard Bartlett or click here for some suggestions on how to learn Matrix Energetics.

Linda has studyed with Dr Richard Bartlett and is a certified practitioner of Matrix Energetics. She is based in Sussex, UK and offers 30 minute or longer Matrix Energetics sessions by phone or in person. Click here for details or other Frequently asked questions.

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