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My experience of absenting the Core Dynamics

Before discovering this work, Iíd experienced and recovered from a major trauma. But it was still affecting me in subtle ways. I wanted to be free of that, and, if possible, to avoid anything like it ever happening again.

Also, some of my clients had such deep, multi-faceted issues that, even with the great tools I had, they would likely take a lot to clear. Itís relatively easy to make a difference at first, but to facilitate someone in becoming completely and permanently  free and living as they really want to, thatís a tall order.

And I wanted more. Iíd had many beautiful experiences of Grace, of absolute Love, and I wanted to live from and as that all the time.

Then I read this - ďTom Stone has the cleanest energy of anyone I've ever met - bar none." And that, in one session with Tom Stone, a long standing issue that nothing else had shifted, completely cleared. And that Tom Stone taught people how to clear their own energy, so that they could be present as Wholeness and be this effective for others.

I immersed myself in this work. Despite all Iíve done before, Iíve never been able to clear anything like this much. Or seen others become so free and joyous. The result is a life thatís richer, free and more peaceful, all the time, whatever happens - true freedom.

Richer, because Iím able to do and feel more. Itís amazing how we limit ourselves, without even knowing it. I also have access to my intuition all the time now. And Iíve recovered my creativity and written the first draft of a novel, sharing the insights of this work.

Richer, also, because I can now easily clear the blocks that keep me from having what I want.

Freer because when things don't happen my way, I can simply and easily feel and resolve my response to that and be fully available for the next moment and opportunity.

Also because my perspective and experience of life has shifted. I'm free of subtle needs, like to figure things out, have things go my way or to prove myself. Most of us have never considered an alternative way of being. But there is one. And it's delightful.

It's also practical. Here's someone else's experience of this shift:-

ďThe Core Dynamics material is excellent. In a very simple way, Tom presents how we may have come to some wrong conclusions in the past; and how we can now update our perspectives to be more successful and effective both in business and in life." Val Williams, Master Certified Coach

More peaceful, not in a zoned out way, but through being immersed in peace, and having great tools to quickly and easily clear anything that takes me out of that.

This new way of being and working has brought such benefits to me and my clients that I was delighted to be invited by its founder, Tom Stone, to teach this material. During the training, my fellow students and I presented this course to over 40 delegates. Some were so impressed, by the material and by us, that they asked to be invited to the next teacher training course. This material is truly liberating, life and person changing. 

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Contact Clover Coaching -  e-mail or ring 01273 472186