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Consciousness shifting

Coaching facilitates becoming aware of the changes that will best serve you and all the barriers and obstacles to co-creation of those changes. Consciousness shifting & other tools, directly and permanently shifts those barriers. This creates a space.

Qualities of wholeness

We then fully activate the precise qualities of wholeness that will best support you. It is delightful and liberating to have these states, some of which you may not have directly experienced before, fully activated, revitalised and engaged.

We also provide the tools and processes that support integration of the enhanced way of being. Old habits and compensations fall away and a newer, fresher, more vibrant you emerges. This raises your vibration or frequency. This vibration is directly related to the levels of consciousness David Hawkins refers to in his book “Power versus Force’. Higher frequencies allow greater capacities to achieve excellence and enjoy the life you desire.

Coaching with consciousness shifting is sacred work. It reconnects you to your highest self. It will change you and your life in dramatic, unexpected, simple and elegant ways.

What can it do? How long does it take?

This works is extremely powerful, & both highly specific and extremely broad in application. It can be used to shift deep conditioning that other methods simply don't get to. Further, a great deal of conditioning can be shifted in a short time. For example, in my prosperity program, I shift whole databases of conditioning, much of which is common to most, if not, all of us. Some of this we are aware of. Some, such as the effects of the inquisition, is held deep in the tissues of our bodies.

I also work with individuals to shift everything that is limiting that person. We are often able to address a number of issues in a single session. Come prepared with your wish list.

Much of our conditioning is multi-layered, however. Only once one layer is removed, can we get to the even deeper one, and this can take more than one session.

For topics like money and relationships where our conditioning is particularly thick and deep, I offer structured programs. These can be taken individually or in small groups.

What's involved?

  • coaching using tried and tested methods and insights, and intuition verified by muscle checking to get to the root causes of your issues.
  • the most effective personal development techniques available. These are, so simple that you can quickly learn to use them on your own and even to guide others to use them. 
  • direct shifting of  the inner conflicts that are limiting you.


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