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Vision - conditioned responses -> inspired living -> true abundance

Conditioning around money is thick and deep for just about everyone. When we clear this, it makes a profound difference to the ways we interact with each other and the world.

We live in a culture of limitation. Unconscious beliefs, habits and fears often limit us insidiously. These are the bugs in our inner human software.
When a computer has bugs, we either struggle to make it work or debug it, and then use it easily. It’s the same with us. Once our inner human software is debugged we are free.

In this mini workshop we will shift some of our common prosperity barriers.


Applying science and spirituality - An ounce of practise is worth a ton of theory.


Are you at peace in every area of your life?

How often are you fully present in your life?


Quantum physics: The film 'What the Bleep' and the work of quantum physicists show that we are all connected to everything, everyone and that all time is here and now, that we can and do 

  • remember the future

  • shape our own reality

  • 'know' things at a distance using subtle senses like telepathy

Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown how thoughts can change water. Imagine how much effect you are having all the time. Wouldn't you like to harness that, to align it with your values and dreams?


If you want to know how well you've been shaping your reality, look at your life now.


I teach people how to craft intentions effectively and clear any conditioning which would otherwise block them from experiencing the future of their choosing. This allows them to change what they experience, not just their perception of what they experience.


I also teach people how to create a state where the distinction between thinking and knowing is crystal clear.


Biology: The research of Candace Pert and other scientists shows unresolved emotions get buried in the cells of our body and affects our well being, including our physical health. I teach you how to find, resolve and release these blocks.


Spirituality: Osho talks about the process of 'unconditioning' - unlearning modes of behaviour, thinking and being that have imprisoned us for centuries. he encourages us to think of the mind as an onion: "Go on peeling, go on peeling... and a moment comes when nothing is left on your hand. That nothing is ... the source of all" Other have called that nothing the field of potentiality. This is where we can truly create our own reality from.


"Assessing life through the lens of everyday experience is like gazing at a van Gogh through an empty coke bottle." Brian Green, The Fabric of the Cosmos.


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