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Extra-ordinary Relationships

Suitable for attracting relations or improving those you have

There are often many layers to our conditioning around relationships. This program is the most effective and time efficient way for you to thoroughly clear each layer, and then clear any deeper layers that emerge. This program brings deep and profound change without struggle.

The program is available for individuals and small groups. the groups are cost effective and provide the added bonus of community, fun and support for the new ways of being.

Here’s a few of the topics that will be covered in the program. Imagine doing a series of very thorough sessions that debug every aspect of every one of these topics.

© Eliminate resentments and the reasons we create them

© How to stay present (even when it’s intense)

© Love based on self-sufficiency

© Optimise communication

© Debug your Inner Human Software so that you stop attracting people that exemplify your unresolved issues from childhood

© Stop dating your parents

© Attracting an ideal partner

© Stop settling for less than you really want

© How to have both intimacy and independence

© Reunite yourself with the divine masculine and/or divine feminine within yourself

© Eliminate the causes of fighting over money

© Have absolutely fabulous love making

© Optimise the qualities in yourself that you want in your partner… and more!

 We will also uncover and debug your own individual bugs. 

New 4 month program starting soon.

© Numbers limited, for maximum effectiveness©


Each month will include:-

© 3 hour workshop in Lewes, Sussex or Compton, Guildford.

© 1 or more hours group coaching by phone

© Dates to be agreed by group

© E-mail support group.

© Partnering with a buddy.

Special beta program price of only £75 per month

E-mail for more details.

E-mail for other group locations.



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