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Wholeness Seminar

featuring The 12 Core Dynamics of Common Problems and how to resolve them

Are you at peace and fully present in every area of  your life? If not, the chances are that some past conditioning is keeping you from it. 

It isnít only our negative mind-talk and self-sabotaging that blocks us. Weíre also limited by habits, beliefs, interpretations and unresolved emotions from our past conditioning, much of which we arenít even aware of. This program enables us to systematically clear all our conditioning, in all areas of our lives, to set ourselves free.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

There are many programs and books out there, teaching many fine principles. Chances are, you've read a few. To apply those principles fully, to have your intentions consistently become your reality (rather than just shifting your perception of your reality) its necessary to get your conditioning out of the way. This seminar provides new insights and personal development techniques to do just that - to debug and upgrade your own inner human software.

If you're ready to live as you've always wanted to live, to be the person you've always wanted to be, then attend this powerful, life-transforming program

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What would it be like to have the Core Dynamics really absent from your life?

My experience of absenting the core dynamics

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core dynamics trainer

Your mentor and guide for this course, Linda Markley, was invited to facilitate this work by its founder, Tom Stone.


"I have to tell you that right off the bat, it (The Core Dynamics of Common Problems seminar) is very powerful work. Because of my personal experience with this, I have asked Tom if I could promote these CD's and his seminars in my newsletter. He said he would be honoured. So, for people who know me, I am recommending to all of you this wonderful breakthrough work. Tom explains The Core Dynamics as the 'roadmap of the nature of our Human Conditioning and it makes it possible to identify the invisible, limiting influences of our conditioning.' Helps us identify the blocks!" LAURA BERMAN FORTGANG

Click here for seminars, teleclasses, CDs and tapes with Tom Stone (please mention my name, Linda Markley, when you book)

Comments about Linda's seminars :-

"Wow - powerful. Deep emotional healing - a must for all 'stuck' issues. Great facilitator - very clear and sensitive." MW, BRIGHTON 

"Wonderful. A huge experience." JENI

"Enlightening. A great way to understand yourself and your reactions," LOWRI

"Try it - it worked for me." MAXINE, COVENTRY

"Enjoyable, powerful and well-structured. Could be life-changing experience. Confident, open leader." VERA

"Powerful. Releasing. Very clear enthusiastic leader." ANJI, HORSHAM

"Powerful emotional experience in a supportive environment." LM, SUSSEX

"Very mind opening." DAWN ALLEN

"Your facilitation style was great. Thorough, clear and from the heart."  JUSTINE, LEWES



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