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Bring it on! Prosperity

Group Coaching and Consciousness Shifting

Money bugs = life bugs
Our conditioning around money is thick & deep. Eradicating it transforms every aspect of our lives & relationships.

There is now a way to systematically find & eradicate all our conditioning.

Our bugs are identified using our bodies, intuition, coaching & other processes & kinesiology.

Clear whole databases of conditioning

In this program, we clear huge volumes of conditioning & many unhelpful habits at the deepest level, that of consciousness itself.

Gratitude draws grace

Clearing our bugs creates space which we fill, as appropriate, with qualities of wholeness. these enhance your state of being & energetic vibration, so that you automatically draw more joy, love, peace, success, passion, vitality, fun, prosperity, support, opportunities ...

Continual expansion

As your conditioning is released, you become lighter & freer. You leave struggle behind & discover how joyful, effortless & fulfilling life can be. You also realise that much more is possible.

This program gives you the processes, tools & skills to contiue to Bring ON more & more

The Bring it ON! program includes:-

Clarification of your personal intentions

Coaching & consciousness shifting to identify & permanently release:-

  • barriers to effective co-creation
  • individual blocks to prosperity
  • huge databases of conditioning from education, religion, culture, our collective past such as the inquisition (the effects of which are still held deep in the tissues of our bodies)
  • habits like doubt, strugg;le, holding back, negativity, collapsing ...
  • unresolved fears anger, guilt, shame, resenments, hostility ...

bringing you into 100% alignment with your intentions.

Full activation of the precise qualities & states of being required to easily fulfil your intentions & maximum potential.

Mastery of the proven processes & tools (+ reference manual) enabling you to:-

  • Clarify what you do & don’t want
  • Hear & recognise your intuition
  • Effectively intend & commit
  • Take optimal action
  • Transcend barriers & obstacles
  • Manage negativity & emotions
  • Attract, allow & receive
  • Live at your maximum potential
  • Continually Bring it ON!

Bring it On! 4 month program
Group Coaching & Consciousness Shifting

This is deep, powerful & sacred work. Groups are kept small fror maximum effectiveness.

Each month will include:-

3 hour workshop in Lewes, Sussex (E-mail for other group locations)

1 hour group coaching by phone

Dates to be agreed by group

E-mail support group.

Partnering with a buddy.

For my first delivery of this proven licensed program ONLY, £75 per month

E-mail for more details.

There are often many layers to our conditioning, especially around money. Small groups are the most cost & time effective way for us to clear each layer, & then clear any deeper layers that emerge. Also, when one person shifts something, the whole group benefits.

And we will support, encourage & inspire each other in our profoundly improved ways of being.




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