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Top 10 tips for getting potential clients to your website

by Linda Markley, New Therapist, Jan 03

 with (click on title to read):-

  1. Focus your website and your visibility efforts. Repeated exposure as an expert, to an appropriate group, is far more effective for therapists than a hug, random hit rate.

  2. Display your expertise in articles, interviews, quotes etc & include your website details

  3. Give people a specific, timely reason to visit or revisit (like a special offer, specific, pertinent information they can’t easily get elsewhere)

  4. Ask people to recommend you. You may want to consider networking or alliances, or you may already have people willing to champion you. Ask.

  5. Links not only bring visitors in their own right, they also help with some search engines, including the most popular Google. Consider:-

    • Trade and related directories

    • Local directories

    • Event listings

    • Exchanging links with complementary websites visited by the same group

  6. Search engines and directories are used by those who know what they want

    • Target phrases rather than isolated words.

    • Include words for your location.

    • Focus on the popular search engines in your country (consider google, yahoo, looksmart, altavista, lycos, hotbot, alltheweb, opendirectory, directhit)

  7. Create a tag line – a short phrase, including a verb, the essence of what you offer and encouraging people to visit your website. Include it on your emails (in an email signature), all printed materials (business cards, brochure, letter head etc) and anywhere else you can.

  8. Be prepared when you talk about your work individually or in groups, to point people to specific related information on your website and give them a link to it or, better, get their email address and email the link.

  9. Stay in their minds with repeat exposure. Give website visitors something of immediate value to them (information of some kind is usually easiest over the web) in exchange for their email address and permission to notify them of future updates.

  10. Spread like a virus. Encourage and make it easy for people to tell others about your website.

    • Have a ‘Recommend It’ button for them to easily email a link to your page to a friend

    • If you send out information in emails, encourage readers to pass it on in full (i.e. with your contact details)

    • Put your articles on free content websites so that others syndicate it for you (e.g.,,



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