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First published with How to Remember the Future and play with ‘reality’

in ReSource Magazine April 2005


Memories of the future

(pre-cognitions, inspiration, vision)




Wishful thinking, fantasy, notions, traditional planning, fears

Come from inner knowing.

Have no emotional charge (even premonitions of disasters feel neutral when we receive them).

Are products of thinking and emotionally charged conditioned responses.

Feel right even though our intellects don’t always understand why. We ‘know’ what to focus on.

Bring doubt, indecision, confusion and trying to figure out what to focus on.

Show up effortlessly and quietly as gifts, inspirations, or as interruptions to our lives that prove helpful.

Are created and fed by us.

Are timely.

Are habitual.


Happy future memories also:-



Delight, inspire and energise.

Need to be worked at and driven.

Draw us to them for their own sake. They are expressions of our true nature and deepest values, what our souls want for us. They may challenge and stretch us.

Appear to be sensible or to meet our needs, (e.g. security, approval, status, fame, love), the expectations of others or the way we want to be seen.

Naturally evolve and flow. Our first inklings are often vague. Like an artist, we can get clearer by sketching them. Or, if it feels right to act, clarity emerges.

Chop and change, go round and round and need pushing. Any progress can feel forced and fixed. Any clarity is imposed.

Are supported by information and coincidences we didn’t consciously know about.

Conflict with information we didn’t consciously know, which leads to setbacks.

Are too personal and original, for competition. Can draw cooperation from others.

Tend to lead to competition, fear of competition or copying others.

May require commitment and/or perseverance.

Tend to lead to compromise and/or forcing.

Lead to magic happening.

Depend entirely on our intellects and efforts.


Accompanying article - How to remember the future and play with 'reality'


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