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How to Remember the Future

and play with ‘reality’

by Linda Markley (First published with Telling the Difference in ReSource Magazine April 2005)

Have you ever had an idea, dropped or forgotten it, and then seen it working for someone else? That may have been an idea whose time had come. Though the idea, which may have been a memory of the future, occurred to many people, only a few focused their energy clearly enough on it to actually participate in that particular future.

Remembering the future, a mostly latent natural ability

Studies show that most precognitions are of tragedies. The likely reason for this is that we are so thoroughly conditioned to believe that perceiving the future is not possible that our natural precognitive abilities have gone dormant. Like the superhuman strengths individuals display during life threatening emergencies, they only spill over into our conscious minds during times of crisis.1

Further evidence of this is found in studies that show most precognitions occur during sleep and that hypnotized subjects score significantly higher on precognitive tests than non-hypnotized subjects.1

Yet numerous experiments have now proved that, awake or asleep, we all have pre-cognitive abilities available to us.

Passive observers or ‘players’?

Other experiments have shown that we can affect the random movement of machines simply by an act of will. When experiments also engaged the unconscious, the results were more significant.

It’s evident, then, that we can, to some extent, use mind and will power to influence future events. They are useful tools, widely touted as a panacea for all ills. They have their limitations, however. Used alone, they can be a thin veneer of positivity, clarity and focus over a mass of contradictions.

Bringing more of ourselves into the game

We know from physics that everything, including physical matter, is made up of energy. Energy is the only base building block there is.

What makes things different is their energetic signature or wave form, the amplitude, frequency, phase, intensity etc. of their energetic vibration. In a room full of tuning forks, calibrated to various pitches, if one is dinged, all the ones calibrated to the same pitch will ding too.2

In the same way, we resonate with things, people and futures that are, literally, on our wavelength. Like attracts like, to him who has will more be given.

Our thoughts are energy and that’s why they are important. But we often have inner conflicts to our thoughts that are also energy. Until these inner conflicts are cleared, we won’t resonate with and attract what we want.

Another thing that happens when we use thought and will power alone, is that we can climb the ladder of success only to find that it’s leaning against the wrong wall. Or that there is an escalator round the corner. Or that the wall will be toppled. Or that it takes continual effort to stay on top. Or that an emptiness or change in another area of our lives limits our happiness.

There are many possibilities. We’ve largely lost access to our knowing and, to compensate for this, we try to figure out what’s best for us. But our thinking minds simply didn’t have access to all the information we need to make effective decisions.

Ear to the ground

If we are all influencing the future, then, depending on what happens in the present, the possibilities and probabilities for the future must evolve. This is one reason why people sometimes feel their intuition has let them down. Their initial intuition may have been right at that time. As things changed, there may have been updating clues that they missed.

As certain futures become more and more probable, they may be less open to change. So, ideally, we would remember the possible futures that are relevant to us early on and get updates as they evolve.

How to remember more of the future

Early previews and updates can be subtle and fleeting, and come in many ways, including words, images, feelings, hunches and physical sensations.

Our bodies are useful barometers. They can indicate when we are on or off course. Unlike our minds, they never lie. They simply respond to stimuli, including, those in the future.

This was shown in an experiment in which volunteers were wired up to physiological monitors that recorded changes in skin conductance, heart rate and blood pressure. Then the computer randomly displayed photos of tranquil, arousing or shocking scenes. Volunteer’s bodies responded as expected after seeing the different images but also registered similar physiological responses before seeing the photo. Their bodies were anticipating what they were about to see.3

To make use of such clues, we need to be aware of them. To do that, we need to be fully present. The only time we have to remember the future is now. If, in the now, we are distracted, we will miss the clues.

Who or what is the ‘I’ that creates our own reality?

When we are fully present, the experiencing self is not separate from the experience. When we are integrated in this way with our experience, we are what we think, for thinking is inseparable from being, not something used to manipulate our lives. From this space of Wholeness or Oneness with all that is, the “I” that is the totality, truly creates our reality.4

When we try to shape reality without first being fully present to what is, we are rejecting our experience and, though we may manipulate our lives to some extent, we are further divorcing ourselves from our Wholeness.

When we are fully present we have access to apparently limitless knowledge, inspiration and vision, far more than our intellects could ever figure out. And, the distinction between thinking and knowing is crystal clear. Through that universal intelligence, we can know precisely what we need to know, when we need to know it. This includes memories of possible futures and knowing what to focus on.

What keep us from being fully present?

One reason we’re not present is that we habitually resist feeling our feelings fully. When we were very small, we were easily overwhelmed by our emotions. It felt like they were going to destroy us. In order to survive, we learnt to shut down, to avoid feeling too much.

Baby elephants are tethered with stakes they can’t pull out. By the time they are strong enough to pull out the stake, they believe they can’t, so they’ve stopped trying.

We are like that with feelings. We have no memory of shutting down. It happened before we had language. And everyone around us is resisting feeling things fully too.

My work now includes clearing this ‘shut down’ and teaching people a simple and effective way to feel fully. This, even for those like myself who have been feeling our feelings as fully as we can for some years, enables us to utilize more of our feeling capacity. We are able to stay present even to intense feelings, as in confrontation, intimacy and joy, and to come out of the grip of any emotion easily.

Energy pulling us every which way

Another thing that keeps us from being fully present is the mass of contradictions, mostly unconscious, we’ve acquired through years of human conditioning. These include unresolved emotions from the past, fears, habits, beliefs, interpretations, associations and the modelling of others.

These are also the things that keep us from participating in the futures we’d like. They frequently keep us from being clear and consistent about what we want. Without that focus, clarity and commitment, we won’t resonate with and hence remember the futures that would enrich and delight us.

Even when we remember something we’d like to participate in, our inner conflicts deplete or distort our energy, keeping us from naturally flowing into that future.

Bugs in our inner human software

We are like computers with bugs in our inner human software. We can strive and struggle, but, until we remove those bugs, we won’t have the ease and consistent results we want.

When we know how to eliminate these bugs, the process of remembering the future provides an excellent structure in which to do that. Once we clarify and focus on what we want, any inner conflicts to that can be brought up and cleared.

Once most of our bugs are resolved and released, life becomes amazing, we live continuously from Wholeness and truly create our reality.

Stepping out in trust

Remembering more of the future is a work in progress for me. Even though specific memories come ‘out of the blue’, the more I honour them, the more I remember.

I often only know the next step. For example, when looking for a home, I happened upon a house being auctioned. Buying and letting that enabled me to have my dream home.

Another time, I found that an old decision to give up writing fiction because it had entailed struggle, was blocking me. I cleared the energy of that. The very next day, I felt inspired to write a novel to share this way of evolving. I am now on the third draft and there has been no struggle!

Accompanying sidebar table - Telling the difference


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